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Returning to Normal Life

 Returning to Normal Life

From my desk, in one of these more or less improvised vaccination centers, I see thousands of people passing in front of me every day. I see how they walk, sometimes fearful, sometimes showing a haughty attitude, and others humble and fearful. 

The entire human race passes in front of me, I see them lined up, each with their characteristic tribal attire, big people and small people, with their hair combed to the right or to the left, their clothes neat or more often neglected. An endless legion of souls, few with beautiful bodies and most with grotesque attitudes, but after all human souls full of the same anxieties, hopes and fears.

This generation will pass, like all the previous ones, and today's events will be forgotten or remembered as something curious. Human desires have never been so rude and sometimes so stupid in the face of the terrible reality that we have lived in this generation. And yet, in spite of everything, we are now beginning to recover a certain "normality", that is, to return to the same worried life, once again forgetting the true foundations of a real life.

So we return to the "normal" fight for the latest gadget, or to the search for a place for our vacations "far from here", even if the people coming and going cross the same path, because "here" and "over there" is just a place in our mind.

Soon the masks will fall, the feeling of freedom will seem to have arrived again with the air that we breathe freely. But after the moment has passed, the air will become thin again, full of the usual anguish, the usual impulses, the false needs that an inhuman and capitalist society will demand and impose like a slab on the soul of all human beings.

But if for a moment, just for a moment, we thank fate, heaven, karma or whoever you want, for that incredible but difficult past situation, for the unique opportunity to face our fears in that homemade monastery, then after that, we would face the rest of our lives, that tremendous adventure that awaits us, full of challenges, exploits and generosity, smiling and courageous, because a life without heroism, even a little bravery, is not worth living.

Take advantage of this opportunity, if you know what I'm talking about, don't go back to the "normality" that they are selling you, but really go back to yourself, look for philosophy or the "love of wisdom", only that will help you on that road.

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Individual and Social Liberation


The ultimate liberation of the human being is a collective task. Except for the Robinsons Crusoes, who suffer their own slavery, most human beings are by nature social beings. The Bodhisatttvas' Buddhist ideal proposes libertaion as a common goal for all beings, without exception.

Social progress fundamentally depends on knowledge, education and its dissemination, which does not bring directly liberation, but may facilitate it. In ancient Athens, only those who freed themselves from common necessities of daily life could devote their time to philosophizing. The gap between the most powerful and the most humble may be narrower and precisely thanks to the expansion of knowledge and the participation in its development and dissemination.

For this reason, in order to free oneself from the pressing burden of extreme poverty, which does not even allow one to lift one's head to look at the sky, teaching and learning is the most revolutionary task for those who want to dedicate themselves to other's welfare. Sharing and exchanging it is the most human attitude.

Virtue and nobility of character does not consist in having a stately pose, but in a sincere and true action, without the existence of barriers of class, race, gender or social condition. Abstract service to humanity also consists of concrete individual service to our fellow men, this being a necessary step in learning this task, since humanity cannot be served without first serving our neighbor and those closest to us.

A piece of bread, a coin, a word, an uplifting idea, delivered directly, is worth more than anonymous checks donated to fashion NGOs. But serving in this way is not enough either, since the final objective is the human race in its entirety, a previous and necessary step to find God in all of nature.

The Patricians, the Lords of war, the Nobles, the Hierarchs, in short, the self-illuminated Leaders, who have no more light than what they assign themselves, are children of separatism, individualism and pride, always worried about being recognized, imposing for this purpose the "signs of submission" typical of courtiers.

Likewise, its opposite, false modesty, self-flagellation and the feeling of the redeemed sinner, are hidden forms of excessive ambition that "invest" in obtaining benefits in the other world, in exchange for giving up this one. Whoever seeks liberation in this way will never find it.

My immediate liberation does not consist in the search for unattainable goals, baits placed in the way of my ambition, but in perfect communion and the deep feeling that recognizes the divinity in Nature, in myself, in my brothers, in my little brothers, the animals, and in all the extension of this wonderful universe suffering in heroic evolution. Undoubtedly a very difficult task, but one that produces innumerable personal and community fruits, as in the old parable of the sower. 

Instead of lamenting my many shortcomings and my hundred defects, and beating myself in the chest, what I have to do is simply work on myself, because selfishness, self-centeredness and ignorance attached to this conditioned self is the source of millions of mistakes. Therefore, I will focus only on defeating the Reality Destroyer, and then the entire enemy army will be destroyed.

My liberation from the tyranny of the self is achieved without looking for it, without mental concentration efforts, without mantramatic repetitions, without Byzantine analysis of philosophical concepts. It is achieved by putting my hands to work and bending my back in the task of freeing others from my own ignorance. There is no liberation in the high towers of the pride of those who only contemplate themselves.

Liberation is the serenity and inner joy that makes the kingdom of heaven begin here on earth. You don't have to die to see heaven.

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Returning to Normal Life

  Returning to Normal Life From my desk, in one of these more or less improvised vaccination centers, I see thousands of people passing in f...